Proud to co-operate with Kognic

Vi är grymt stolta att få bidra och samarbeta kring arbetsmiljöutbildning och Health & Safety to Kognic

Rehappen har fått äran att genomföra arbetsmiljöutbildning till ledarna på Kognic som är ett snabbväxande techbolag. Vi jobbar i samma anda att skapa ordning i en värld av ostrukturerad rörig data för att göra livet lättare.

Här är en kort beskrivning av företaget:

“We are Kognic We help machines reliably make sense of a messy, chaotic, and unstructured world.  The Alignment Platform™  is how we get this done. It’s a pioneering toolset to help shape your data and accelerate the development of  high-performing, trusted AI products.

We are the future Kognic was conceived in the curious and bold minds of two engineering physicists who dared to dream big and bet on finding a software solution which didn’t exist. By 2018, Daniel Langkilde and Oscar Petersson had already worked for a number of years in the field of Deep Learning when they decided to find the answer to their aspirations, and frustrations, in the entrepreneurial life to launch Kognic (originally called Annotell). With the help of key investors, Kognic expanded its business and has delivered impressive YoY growth of 90%. Kognic has teams in Germany, Poland, Japan and the USA to support its customers in Automotive, Robotics and other vertical markets.

Rehappen has helped to deliver the work environment course for the managers internationally. We met the managers for two days to discuss and make sure they know both the global regulations and also the ISO and Swedish work law.